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Cecilia "Cece" Zagas's experience designing and managing luxury residential projects in Rittenhouse Philadelphia paved the path for her successes in her hometown of Lancaster, PA. Her spaces are functional, client centric spaces exuding character and refinement. Cece's design process includes discovering her clients why, establishing the how, then carefully marrying her style with her clients individuality. 


Cece is known for her authenticity and professionalism as she develops and delivers seamless, fine tuned projects from start to finish. Her concierge level of project management ensures no detail is left behind. She believes clear communication between all parties is key to a successful project. In addition, a boundary push here and there is what really takes her projects to the next level. “I fully value my clients opinions, but will always offer new and unexpected project twists that will meet their objectives. Pushing boundaries is truly what turns a successful project into an exceptional project.” Whether it’s a small powder room or an entire home, Cece’s collaborative process helps her clients define their visions clearly, resulting in livability and luxury.